Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the conference be held?

When will the conference be held?

When does registration open?

What is the registration fee?

Are there registration fee discounts?

What does the registration fee include?

What is the registration deadline?

Are there any additional costs for students, Faculty Advisors, and Chapters?

Additional costs for Chapters may include:

What is the name and address of the hotel where attendees will be staying?

What time can I check in to the hotel? What time must I check out?

How far is the hotel from where the sessions will be held?

What are the nearest airports to the hotel?

How do I get to and from the airport?

Will there be parking available?

What time do I need to arrive and what time should I plan to depart in order to attend the entire conference?

How do I reserve my Chapter’s hotel room?

How do Faculty Advisors reserve their hotel room?

How will lodging be arranged for additional Chapter representatives (beyond the 4 student members and the Faculty Advisor)?

If I secured a space for my Chapter by 13 September, can I cancel if circumstances change?

Will we have access to internet/Wi-Fi at the location?

How do I submit my resume to the Resume Book?