History of the SLC

IEEE-HKN members touch the lives of people around the globe through their innovative solutions to grand challenges. Our engineering and technical professionals are visionary leaders with heart. IEEE-HKN is the difference that nurtures promising students to become the technical leaders our world needs to address global issues. IEEE-HKN students graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to confidently take the next step in their career, while remaining committed to volunteering and improving the lives of others through the use of technology.

Since the merger of IEEE and HKN in 2010, our two organizations have joined forces to elevate the IEEE-HKN difference to new levels of impact. Our combined organization is uniquely positioned to have a great impact. To accomplish this, the IEEE-HKN Board of Governors established a 5-year strategic vision to accomplish the mission and vision of IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu.

A Key Program – The IEEE-HKN Student Leadership Conference

The overarching mission and vision to recognize excellence in scholarship, attitude and character will be accomplished in several key programs.

One of the critical methods to achieve this mission is through the annual IEEE-HKN Student Leadership Conference (SLC). The Student Leadership Conference (SLC) is the hallmark IEEE-HKN experience for student members. This annual event is open to all IEEE-HKN Student Members and is focused on training for Chapter leaders, individual and professional development, technical sessions, and networking to bring together members from around the world and encourage inter-Chapter activity and cooperation. Identified as a vital program, the SLC supports our success under the objectives to enable Chapters to develop initiatives enhancing scholarship, service, or leadership, and the life-long global community connecting students and adults. Data provides evidence that participation in the SLC leads to stronger Chapter leaders, engaged Chapter members, increased hours of service and greater impact on the University communities served by our Chapters.  

The history of the SLC spans many decades. Over the years, HKN members and leaders have looked back on this experience and talk about how it formed their careers and helped them make the contacts and connections that have led to success in their professional lives.  The SLC is made possible by philanthropy. Offered at a very low cost to students, the SLC is funded by donations and industry sponsors.  If you would like to donate to assure that each year HKN can deliver this important experience, please consider making a personal contribution or involving your company as a sponsor.